Multi-component herbal teas are made of a variety of ecologically pure, freshly-picked unprocessed herbs, roots, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits that have retained most of their natural properties.

The herbal teas contain combination of hundreds of ingredients including vitamins and micro elements in combination most beneficial to a person’s health;

Selection of multi-component herbal teas are based on the individually collected data obtained from our special form.

Extracts made from this herbs help:

  • restore intestinal microbial flora;
  • promote weight loss;
  • have selective influence on specific bodily functions;
  • help correct immune reactions;
  • are easily digested and cause no allergic reactions;
  • are fit for long-term use without causing side-effects (especially important for
    treatment of chronic conditions);
  • stimulate healthy functioning of digesting and cleansing organs – stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, lungs, bronchi