The frequency therapy aimed at suppression of the pathogenic micro flora in the body.   Any microorganism (virus, bacteria, fungus), parasite are the source of electromagnetic vibrations typical only to them, the frequency spectrum of which is fixed and entered into database of the program. In case of need the equipment can model identical electromagnetic vibration, but in the opposite phase and with the help of magnetic inductor or loop send them to the place of microorganism localization.

Impulses radiated by the equipment Software of complex “IMEDIS-EXPERT” easily penetrate into the body without damaging its biological structures, purposefully influencing only the specific pathogen. As a result of interaction of electromagnetic vibrations with the same form and amplitude, but different in phase, elimination of microorganisms occurs. In the process of vital functions microorganisms secrete toxins.

Their detoxification is especially effective with the usage of homeopathic detoxes and microtoxigology remedies. The remedies for detoxification are selected individually with the help of vegetative resonance computer test. Frequency therapy helps to avoid usage of antibiotics, which often can have side effects.