What do you know about intoxication?
What is it that you are going to cleanse yourself from?
Detoxification – a natural function of your body. When you indeed need help?

Death by prescription

Toxins: what are they?

Intoxication: how it works?

Detoxification: What is it?

When does your body need external help?

Symptoms caused by toxins

How we can help you

Death by prescription

Over the history of civilization, more that seven million artificial substances have been created and put to use by a man. Every new chemical combination can be potentially dangerous and lead to poisoning, often with a lethal outcome.

Remember the case of Heath Andrew Ledger, an Australian television and film star turn one of the most promising Hollywood celebrities? He died at the age of twenty eight. The cause of death was determined as intoxication resulting from a combination of three medicines taken by the actor at the same time. Anti-anxiety drugs Valim and Zoloft as well as sleeping pills, Ambien, were found by the actor’s body. Each taken separately is considered harmless. Yet, their combination turned medication into a deadly weapon. FDA is signaling an alarm: the number of deaths and disabilities caused by the use of these pills over the last seven years has doubled! And consider this statistics: according to the World Health Organization, medicinal intoxication has become a number one disease on the planet.

Toxins: what are they?

Translated from Greek, “Toxin” means a poison of biological origins. Not only toxins, but any foreign chemical substance that you body cannot use for energy production or in the process of construction of various biological “structures”, is called xenobiotics. These include heavy metals, gasoline, hydro-chlorine, Freon, aromatic carbohydrates, plastics, refined oil products, pesticides, or various cleaning agents, to name a few. Xenobiotics can be organic, non-organic, exogenous and endogenous.

Exo-toxins penetrate your body through food, water, medications, nicotine and alcohol, exhaust and various cosmetic products.

Ando-toxins are byproducts of the body’s functioning. These can be secretions of infection-carrying organisms inside your organs (live viruses, bacteria, fungus, various parasites), or naturally produced toxic substances your body is not able to remove efficiently, which is the case of kidney deficiency, chronic constipations, tumors and alike. Some toxins could be inherited. Thus, a clinical research on Parkison disease proved that a group of patients, mostly susceptible to the disease, had one common denominator: their mothers suffered from whooping cough during or immediately before pregnancy.  Neurotixins present in their body were passed to them during the prenatal stage of fetus development.

Intoxication: how it works?

Intoxication is described as poisoning, or harmful changes in your body, developing under the influence of toxic substances. Xenobiotics that penetrate a living cell within your body are known to trigger immune deficiency, pathological changes in metabolism, cancer development,  allergic reactions and lead to hereditary diseases. In other words, intoxication could result in an illness, or even death.

Detoxification: What is it?

Detoxification is a natural process of neutralizing and removal of toxic substances from a human body. Our organism is “pre-programmed” to do it without any external help, through the work of organs responsible for cleansing all our internal systems. A human liver, kidneys, lungs, epidermis and intestines work hard to produce special ferments that break xenobiotics into less toxic combinations, that are much easier to be removed through urine, feces, sweat, exhaled air. Liver is the producer of most powerful ferments. It is a receptacle for the blood stream flushed there from the intestines, with all substances, both nourishing and toxic, that has been absorbed by the body. Liver cells create a frontier, designated to filter various undesirable “strangers”, and stop them from breaking into the general blood stream.

When does your body need external help?

Intoxication, or a de facto poisoning of the body leading to a large number of confusing symptoms or illnesses, occurs when:

  • the amount of toxins in your body is too excessive to be removed naturally. It is too overwhelming for the organs (liver, kidneys, lungs, epidermis and intestines), responsible for the detoxifying function, and they are not able to remove poisoning substances in a timely fashion;
  • organs, responsible for the detoxifying function (liver, kidneys, lungs, epidermis and intestines) are not functioning to their full capacity or have pathological condition.

In such cases, your body needs help from the outside. First it is important to determine which specific organ is failing to perform its function properly, what causes improper function and restore its proper function. Ideally, it should be done without resorting to medications, since they are, in essence, toxic elements, alien to a human body. Next step would be to identify the nature of toxins and find remedies that would help to cleanse an organism from them. If the intoxication occurs on the cellular level such as poisoning by heavy metals, procedures like colonic irrigation would not be of any help: this kind of therapy offers only external means of body cleansing. Such cases call for specialized draining homeopathic remedies, specifically designed for the purpose.

Symptoms Caused by Toxins

Headache, fatigue, insomnia and nausea, anxiety, loss of concentration and even depression could be signals of intoxication.
In cases when your bowels and kidneys are no longer capable to perform their most important function – remove toxins from a body, their duty would be partially taken over by your skin. Various acnes and boils, lasting skin damage in the form of rushes and eczema are often nothing but a reflection of the level of intoxication of your organism.

Attempts to remove manifestations through mere cosmetic means are doomed, as even the most expensive creams, gels and lotions do not address the cause of the condition.

In cases when cleansing systems are not capable to fully perform its task of removing toxins from an organism, they travel through the body with the flow of lymph and blood, tending to congregate in intercellular tissues. These tissues are, in fact, the largest and the most powerful filtration system in a human body. In essence, it is an efficient sieve, but, like any type of a filter, it can be blocked b xenobiotic debris. Then toxins penetrate the cells and destroy their structure.

Once inside your body, toxic substances enter into reaction with each other. The consequences of such interaction could be unpredictable. Its consequences result in conditions resembling symptoms of many chronic diseases. If they are treated as this or that disease, which is often the case, the cure could not be effective for an obvious reason. In some cases, toxic intoxication can lead to a lethal outcome.

How we can help you

We offer a personalized detox program that is primarily focused on restoration of the natural process of detoxification. To do so, it is necessary to adjust the work of all organs involved in the process (the liver, kidneys, intestines, skin, lungs) and to eliminate the causes that are impeding their work. Remember!Clearing the intestines does not prevent constipation.
In order for us to select the best program for you, we ask you to fill our a special form. You will get simple and effective methods that can be practiced at home at your convenience.

We offer a highly personalized combination of methods depending on the identified causes.

  • Recommendations for a balanced diet, chosen to address your specific set of problems. These recommendations allow you to:
    provide your body with essential enzymes, trace elements, and vitamins;
    improve your metabolism and modify your immune response;
    stop the fermenting and putrefying that can occur in the digestive system and free yourself from constipation, diarrhea, bloating, belching, heartburn and intoxication.

Organic herbal teas, recipes of freshly squeezed juices an sorbents;
You get an individually customized program of homeopathic detoxification with the application of micro-toxicological remedies to help remove heavy metals and toxins of chemical and biological origin from your body at the cellular level. The program is based on individually collected data received from the special form and developed for maximum treatment potential.

  • Water treatment (contrast shower, salt and turpentine baths, wraps) that can be easily done at home
  • Frequency therapy for fighting viral, bacterial  infections without resorting to heavy doses of antibiotics.
  • Exercises that help correct your spine;
  • Effective methods of regulating your psycho-emotional condition(eliminating phobias, anxiety, excessive grief, etc.)If you can visit us we will offer Vegetative Resonance “IMEDIS-TEST” (VEGA-TEST) that allows us to:
  • determine condition of organs involved in detoxification process – liver, kidneys, intestines, skin and lungs;
  • establish reasons causing these organs to malfunction;
  • detect presence of toxic substances and establish its nature, either inborn or acquired, inter-cellular or intracellular;
  • identify toxins present in your cells (heavy metals, by-products of live viruses or bacteria, medicinal substances, dental insert materials, etc.)
  • to detect the presence of any type of virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites (more than 400 kinds), their localization, and level of activity in the body;
  • to determine the presence of poisonous heavy metals and other toxic elements such as: pesticides, herbicides, nitrates etc. in the body (there are more than 100 kinds).

Body detoxification helps remove toxins from intestines, liver, kidneys, blood, lymph, bronchial tubes and joints. These modalities normalize functioning of the:

  • gastrointestinal tract
  • immune system

They also help restore:

  • metabolic functions
  • microbial flora
  • aid in weight loss

Often the cause of unexplained states and many illnesses is intoxication. But toxins are not always the only thing that can trigger a violation of health. The reasons for your problems may be experienced or continuous stress.
Have you ever thought about detoxifying your mind?

Get rid of anxiety, panic attacks, sleep disturbances, headache, tiredness, sex problems with the help of an effective self-regulatory techniques such as The Key Method and NLP. These most up-to-date methods are unique in terms of its accessibility, effectiveness and potential to restore your health without medication.