Our clients include: children, teenagers, adults and seniors from all over the world:

For many people, “YourDoctorNature” was their last hope to get rid of their problems and these hopes came true.
Coaching and Lifestyle Change

  • “Always room for improvement‎. Ivan has a fun and infectiously positive energy about him. He has helped me explore my goals, analyze areas where I need work in, motivate myself, and develop my thought process. He taught me innovative methods to focus and deal with stress, and his natural techniques are something that conventional American psychotherapy lacks. He even inspired me to rethink what I food I eat on a regular basis and the importance of fitness in a healthy lifestyle. I recommend Ivan to anyone that is serious about self-improvement and attaining a balanced lifestlyle.” – Pavel‎
  • “I was impressed by Ivan’s presentation of the Key method. He taught this very effective relaxation technique to my entire family in only two hours. He also gave me sound and practical advice in matters of motivation and goal setting – a kind of advice that I keep and use in different contexts. Ivan is always willing to help and share his skills. His energy and enthusiasm are positively contagious!”‎ – Elena
  • Recently I have had the opportunity to work with Ivan. I consider him a wonderful friend. He he has the kind of open honesty that just invites trust!. – Mary
  • My life used to revolve around my sony playstation. I would come home and after a little while play for several hours. Sometimes I would play non-stop for a day or even more, until complete exhaustion, or something. I became the best of the best in several big games, but in real world my life truly sucked. I could not cope with my university assignments, I was tired most of the time and I felt like a loser most of time. It was a complete vicious cycle, where I could only be someone when my PS3 was on, and I went back into deep depression every time the switch was in the “off” position. At one point, I had to realize that it became a problem. But soon after my parents introduced me to Ivan Staroversky, changed began to happen. I stopped playing video games, in fact I got rid of my gaming console. I sold it on ebay, to be exact. I have discovered the world around me, I am doing fine with classes, started travelling in my spare time and even met a girl who thinks that I am something special (and she has looks!). It wont be possible without you, Ivan. I hope you write a book one day or something. Thank you!  – Jeff, Toronto, Canada.

Health Problems:

  • “Ivan helped me with my anxiety and stress problems that have been bothering me for a while. He is a very gifted NLP and Life Coach. His advice has been invaluable and helps you overcome difficulties without any medications. Thanks!‎” – Dennis
  • Lately I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety, headaches and many other personal problems. All of this was mainly because of the stress I had at my work and with my kids. After working with Ivan a few times I was amazed at how powerful natural methods of stress management can be. No substances, no drugs and no hypnosis. I really did not want to take any drugs and do any psychotherapy as my main problem was stress. Ivan taught me a method that I now use often when I deal with stressful situations. Thank you for saving my health. Highly recommended.‎ – Tamila

Phobia Cure:

  • “I came because I had anemia, gallbladder condition and other illnesses. During my initial screening I was asked whether I have any fears and phobias. I did have severe phobia of birds since the age of six. Since I’ve had it for over thirty years I didn’t believe it can be cured in several visits. Anyway, I decided to give it a try. Several years ago I saw several psychiatrists but didn’t get any help. They offered anti-anxiety medications and exposure therapy. I didn’t want to take drugs and couldn’t go through exposure therapy. I wasn’t just scared of birds, I was petrified. I couldn’t walk by them. The sight of a bird flying next to me would send me running and screaming. I had three sessions of neuro-linguistic programming with Ivan and now I can walk on the street like everyone else. I never thought I would. Thanks.” – Inna