Tatyana Staroverska – Homeopathic Doctor (H.D)



  • NLP- Symboldrama – Center of NLP- technology (Moscow, Russia, 2009)
  • Homeopathic Doctor (HD) – Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine, (Toronto, Canada, 2004)
  • The Key Method Trainer – certified by Dr. Hasai M. Aliev – Ctress Center – (Moscow, Russia 1996)
  • Health Counselor – Institute of Traditional Medicine and Human Ecology, (Moscow, Russia, 1995)
  • Master Degree in Therapeutic Recreation, Dissertation “Interpersonal compatibility” – All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sport, (Moscow, Russia, 1985)
  • Bachelor Degree in Physical Culture, Certificate in Therapeutic Gymnastic and Massage Therapy – National University of Physical Culture and Sport (Kiev, Ukraine, 1977)

Continual Education


Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle:  Issues and Insights
(Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, 2013)

Nutrition for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention:
Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity and Weight Management, Disorders of the Gastrointestinal Tract
(University of California, San Francisco, 2013)


Gut Check: Exploring Your Microbiome                                                                                             – University of Colorado Boulder & University of Colorado System, 2016                                 

 2016 г. World Summits:

Natural Cancer Prevention

The Heal Your Gut Naturally – As the cornerstone of the immune system.

Reboot your metabolism to release unwanted weight and restore energy.

The Natural Medicine Now – how to improve energy, focus, digestive health, manage your weight and reduce stress.

The Microbiome Medicine – the missing link to achieving lasting optimal health,

a whole new perspective that could help improve emotional and physical wellbeing.

Autism – Leaders in the field of Integrative and Functional Medicine: The latest science about how gut bacteria, environmental toxins, methylation imbalances and mitochondrial function influence the development of neurological disorders, including autism, ADHD and age-related cognitive decline.

The myths around eating Fat – how to improve brain function, prevent dementia and reverse type 2 diabetes.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – Tapping Into Your Secret Weapon for Dealing With Illness – Healing the Body At All Levels.

Diabetes – regain control of blood sugar to prevent complications and optimize health.



Member of:

  • Homeopathic medical council of Canada
  • American Association of Cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation
  • American Therapeutic Recreation Association
  • Academician RNAS


Nick Rzhepishevskyy


  • Specialist of electropunctural diagnostic and bio-resonance therapy (R.Voll method, vegetative resonance test -VEGA-TEST) – Moscow Medical Academy Sechenov, Center for Intelligent Medical Systems (“IMEDIS”)  (1998, Moscow)
  • Health counselor – Institute of Traditional Medicine and Human Ecology (Moscow, Russia, 1995)
  • Master Degree – Odessa Technological Institute of Food and Refrigeration Industry (Odessa, Ukraine, 1973)