Our services are based on the idea that the human body is a highly sophisticated biological system that is capable of natural self-regulation and self-rehabilitation. Effective self-rehabilitation is possible only when a person follows specific rules:

  • A balanced diet that supplies the body with everything it needs: vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats as well as prevents the body from fermentation and intoxication;
  • Natural detoxification of the body (flawless functioning of the excretory system);
  • A positive psychological and emotional state, purpose and meaning in life, absence of fear, phobias, insecurity, and anxiety. Most physical problems are a reflection of emotional shocks and prolonged stress.
  • Proper breathing, which provides all the cells with oxygen;
  • Regular physical activity;
  • Proper sleep which gives the body opportunity to recover;
  • A healthy spine, to allow passage of the nerve signals that control the body’s operations.

Following these practices strengthens the immune system. Ignoring even one of them causes decrease in well-being of a person, ignoring several leads to illness, neglect of all of them leads to serious pathological problems.

Therefore, a comprehensive approach must be taken to help a person regain his or her health and must include a full set of measures that will be effective against even the most serious ailments.

Our 30 years of practical experience has led us to the strong conclusion that:

  • No medicine or doctor can restore the health of a person until that person is himself actively involved in the process of recovery.
  • Natural resources and the body’s own unique capabilities are often much more effective than medicines.

Based on this philosophy, we provide  a comprehensive approach to restore health and well-being. We help each person to understand and eliminate the causes which created physical or psychological problems. We offer a holistic program which is based on a highly personalized combination of methods. We work with people as individuals and not just symptoms of a problem.

Our program is designed for people who want to get rid of their problem, obtain freedom from doctors and medication, and live their live to the fullest.

Our program is designed based on:

  • Clinical diagnostics data and/or Results of Vega Test;
  • Patient’s age;
  • Physical abilities;
  • Psychological State;
  • Traumas, stresses, operations and other factors.